About Arthur Aguiar

Arthur Aguiar (born March 3, 1989) is a Brazilian actor, singer, and songwriter.

Arthur Aguiar began his career in sports, for almost ten years of his life he dedicated himself to swimming. He was federated and trained by Botafogo winning titles in several championships and winning medals until his 19 years, when he was found by a director who needed an actor with his profile for his piece, and thus, Aguiar begins to trace his steps in the world of the theater, surprising the whole family and those who believed in their potential as an athlete. As in the swimming pools, Arthur Aguiar devoted himself to theater and television and was noted for his talent. His first notorious work was in the play The Best Years of Our Lives, by Domingos de Oliveira and directed by Bia Oliveira, between 2009 and 2010, playing Arthur. Already on television, he was recognized nationally as one of the protagonists of the Brazilian version of the telenovela Rebelde, giving life to the character Diego Maldonado in 2011, where he also joined the band Rebeldes. Together with the five members of the group, he recorded two studio albums, Rebeldes, in 2011, which received gold and platinum records, as well as Meu Jeito, Seu Jeito in 2012. The same year they released another album, gold record and also a DVD, reaching a second platinum DVD. The last two were recorded at a show and were called Rebeldes – Live.